We’re really proud of what we have achieved with HARMAN Phoenix 200, our first ever colour film, and we want you to be thrilled with the results you get from shooting it.

Unlike more traditional colour negative films, HARMAN Phoenix 200 does not have an orange mask. This can affect scanner response and some adjustments may be needed to achieve the best results.

For Labs

Some recommendations for best settings for Fuji and Noritsu lab scanners are attached below. These scanning settings were developed by in conjunction with and support from The, Analogue Wonderlab, SilverPan Film Lab and Blue Moon Camera and Machine.

Home Scanning

For those of you scanning at home using either an EPSON, flatbed scanner a digital camera or other scanners please see the information below. (This is also available on the attached scanning .pdf).

Epson V850 & Epson flatbed scanners - Use full autoexposure and auto colour.

Digital Camera Scanning - Please follow your normal workflow for scanning with a digital camera. Using your conversion software, you can adjust the parameters to suit your tastes.

Other Scanners – As a guide use the following settings and adjust to your taste in post-production.

  • Auto exposure / Colour correction = On
  • Sharpening – Off or Low
  • Saturation – Depending on the scanner a small reduction of up to 30% may give more desirable images.

Download PDF - Phoenix - Scanning Parameters